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Migration in the Census


Select a bubble or enter a location to view
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Explore this map of local authorities in England and Wales to discover statistics about the non-UK born resident population. The data comes from the UK Census of 2011.

Type a location in the box at the top or hover over the bubbles in the map to find the local authority of interest. The size of the bubble indicates the number of non-UK born residents in that local authority.

Click on the bubble to select the authority area of interest, browse through the statistics presented and compare these against the profile of other local authorities.

NAME non-UK born

percentage_of_all_immigrants% of all non-UK born
immigrant_percentage% of the local resident population




Where were the non-UK born from?

0 non-UK born

0% of all non-UK born
0% of the local resident population




Where were the non-UK born from?

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